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Overland Train North Pole, Ak **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000.

Mark spotted this unusual find when it was still available early on Sunday.  However, it sold during the course of the day for $15,000.  I’d love to know where it lands as it is something very unusual and rather fantastical.

“In 1962, the Army tested a machine known as The Overland Train at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. It was designed to carry equipment and supplies over both on- and off-road terrains. The train consisted of the control car, ten self tracking cargo cars, and two power generating cars. It was 565 feet long and could haul 150 tons of cargo. The control car also contained living quarters for a crew of six, complete with sleeping, eating and sanitation facilities.

The enclosed pictures are of a sister unit here in Alaska. It’s important to note this is one of the last existing units of this type anywhere. This unit consists of the control car and 3 trailers (mostly aluminum). All the units have tires and we also have a large amount of extra tires & wheels. This unit does not run and is not operable however according to Le Tourneau, the manufacturer most if not all parts are still available and or re-buildable. Would also make a terrific static display for museum. This unit is for sale as is FOB North Pole, Alaska, to the highest bidder above the reserve set by the estate.”


8 Comments on “Overland Train North Pole, Ak **SOLD**

  1. Kevin

    What a fantastic rig, fits right in Alaska. You could use it for sight seeing excursions, hauling groceries/supply’s, live in it – Alaskan Motor Home…you could really be a “Survivor”!!!!

  2. Jim Boswell

    I know where another one is! with parts, tires, trailers etc. I played in it as a kid and last time I checked, it was still there though somewhat in pieces. Jim

  3. Rich

    Qouted from the information section of the post, “The vehicle remained unused for a time, and was then put up for sale for $1.4 million in 1969.[8] All that remains of the Mark II is the control cab which remains at Yuma, the rest was sold off to a local scrap dealer. The Mark II retains the record for the longest offroad vehicle in the world.[7][9]”. The aluminum scrap value is way above 15k but I hope whoever bought it will restore it and we will see it sell on Barett Jackson’s Auction for a couple of Million $

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