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Jeep4ever’s Black and White Photos

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Thanks to Wes at for creating a post about this great collection of black and white photos (how I haven’t stumbled across it is beyond me) at Jeep4ever’s website. Click here to see nearly 200 b&w photos, some you probably have seen and some you haven’t seen courtesy of (I’ve posted a variety of these previously, but found them through the library of congress).

I particularly like this one.


4 Comments on “Jeep4ever’s Black and White Photos

  1. deilers

    I’m happy to do it. You’ve got some great content over there; great work!

  2. Simon

    Dave – great photo you chose there. Funnily enough I am reading a book on the SAS written by one of the guys in the photo – D I Harrison called “These Men Are Dangerous”. The photo is included in the book with the following caption: ” SAS raiders eighty miles behind the German lines in France. An hour after this photograph was taken, ‘Curly Hall’ second from left, was dead and the author (left) was fighting for his life in Les Ormes.”

    I’m in the middle of restoring my ’42 MB as – you’ve guessed it – an SAS jeep, although the desert version used in 42-43, rather than the version in the photo which was used in Europe in 44/45.

  3. deilers

    Very interesting .. I’ll have to pickup that book. I look forward to seeing the pics when you finish it! 🙂

    – D

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