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1962 Fleet Van FJ +2nd FJ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a mostly complete and a parts FJ for sale.   These are hard to find.

“For sale is a 1962 Jeep Fleetvan. I have owned this vehicle for several years as a part of a small Jeep collection. I had the Fleetvan shipped in from California because it is virtually rust free. The engine runs well, does not smoke,etc. the automatic transmission shifts properly. There are no brakes. The previous owner removed the glass etc for a repaint and never followed through. I have the glass and the grille has since been reinstalled. The rear dorr was missing so I bought a parts vehicle for the rear door and any other incidentals that may be missing. This is included in the price. Unfortunately, there are NO TITLES for these vehicles. You will be buying the pair with a bill of sale. The Jeeps are located close to York,Pa and will need to be picked up there.”


2 Comments on “1962 Fleet Van FJ +2nd FJ **SOLD**

  1. Wayne

    I now have one but it needs a lot of ,,,,well everything.
    Anyone with parts or access to parts please let me know

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