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New Windshield Modifications Section

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UPDATE:  Chris has provided some valuable insight into this mod.  He writes, “There was a retired Ford mechanic in Rancho Cordova, Ca. that was building flatfenders for a while as a hobby. Back in the early 90’s he had built closed to 40. When he picked up a willys that didn’t have a a good windshield,the large windshield is what he put on. He has since passed away.

As its basic premise, the early jeeps were promoted as a utility vehicle. As such, they were modified in ways limited only to one’s imagination. Some of these modification strategies I have seen; Others I had not seen until I launched eWillys. The modification of the windshield is one of those I hadn’t seen. It is a rare modification, but it has been done a variety of times. I can’t say whether there was an aftermarket product created or if this was simply something that a few folks tried on their own.

After finally gathering enough examples of windshield modifications, and finding the time, I have created a Windshield Modifications section.  Enjoy!


5 Comments on “New Windshield Modifications Section

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  2. David Eilers

    Hi Samuel,

    Do you mean for a CJ-3A type windshield with the vent? Or do you mean a ventilated windshield with the windshield that tilts open? If the latter is the case, is it an MB, CJ-2A, CJ-3B, or CJ-5 ventilated windshield?

    – Dave

  3. Samuel alan halliday

    thanks for reply Windshield that tilts open .The w/s which came with jeep has plates with holes were brackets hinges go and brackets on inner frame for pivots. Can i send pics?

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