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1942 MB West Baden Springs, In $3500


This looks pretty nice, but I can’t quite tell how original it is other than the non-original windshield.

“This is a nice little jeep with a hard to find wagon. The engine is a 4cyl. and the transmission is a 3spd. It is a 4×4 with lowlock. It runs good and has good brakes. It is stock. The wagon is an army with front brake lock. The owner can be contacted at 812-936-9192 for a complete detail of the jeep and wagon. Also you can email me with your question or phone number. The owner is asking $3500. OBO. for this combo. He may also consider taking trades. Thanks”


2 Comments on “1942 MB West Baden Springs, In $3500

  1. Brett

    Whats a lowlock? Is it just me or does the headlights look odd? Looks like they aren’t recessed in the grill.

  2. deilers

    I have seen the headlight mode done before. Instead of the headlights positioned inside the grille they have modified it someone so the lights are connected outside of the grille. I couldn’t say exactly how without some closeup shots though.

    I think lowlock = low range.

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