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Jeep Cakes!

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Who knows why I search for the things I do sometimes, but for some reason I had the urge to search for Jeep Cakes.  Now, I rarely eat cakes of any kind; however, I thought this might provide some interesting search results and pictures.  So, below are a few of my results.  If this list isn’t long enough, search here for more.

First, I’ll start off with a cake I was presented with on my birthday back in 2003 — my 2nd ex-wife (yes, I might need a scorecard to start tracking my relationships) and her mother transferred one of my favorite images onto a birthday cake.

Here’s one with a roll cage from

Here’s a cake with a ‘jeep’ on a hill:

This cake ‘rocks’:

This is called the Jeep Adventure Cake:

According to the description, this cake is “an army jeep cake, fondant covered with gum paste accessories. the hill is another layer of cake as well, buttercream-covered with cookie crumbs on top”

Here’s a $195 cake from

This driver and his faithful dog appear headed into the waves:

From we have another ‘flattie’:

And finally, from the UK courtesy of Sara Cakes, we have this army jeep (categorized as a grand dad cake no less ..hmmm). It even has tools on the sides!


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