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Builds: Kurtis finds Ike and starts a restoration

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In early April of 2010, Kurtis found a solid looking, stock 1950 CJ-3A named Ike that he plans to restore to off-the-dealer-floor condition.  He’s built a website ( to chronicle his restoration adventures and recently provided some good details on a V-Cell Radiator.

Good luck on your restoration Kurtis; I think it will turn out well!  Here’s a pic of Ike:


2 Comments on “Builds: Kurtis finds Ike and starts a restoration

  1. Kurtis

    Thanks guys. I actually wouldn’t even have found it if it weren’t for eWillys. Around the same time I was looking, my RSS feeds for craigslist stopped working for my area for some reason. Luckily, the eWillys feed worked great, and I found Ike.

    He’s a little more rough then he looks in the picture there, but I’m still driving him around waiting for March to come around when he starts getting torn down to the frame.

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