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1949 CJ-2A Aurora, Ut $1500


I suspect this does not have an overhead cam and it certainly is not all original for the year.  Brett called on this and the seller mentioned the engine does smoke. The body appears solid.

“1949 Willy’s Jeep 1.34 engine with overhead camshaft everything is orginal for the year, but not necassariy for this particular Jeep. runs good, but burns oil, transmission slips out of second.”


One comment on “1949 CJ-2A Aurora, Ut $1500

  1. Brett

    This what the seller emailed back to me back on 02-20-10:

    In an attempt to answer any of your up coming questions I will try this:
    The jeep is a 1949 willy’s jeep it has the flat head engine, (it does run but it puts out a lot of smoke doing it but it still runs good)
    the transmission jumps out of 2nd gear if you are going down grade and let the engine hold it back 1st and 3rd gears are good. I have been told by mechanics and by jeep owners that these are all very common problems and not that hard to fix.
    The brakes are no good and I think that it is the master cylinder needs to be replaced however I have not had the time to look at it.
    Steering shimmies really bad if above 25-30 mph, could just be front end alignment problems another thing I have not looked at.

    I bought the Jeep from a salvage yard and most of the body, engine, transmission , Parts etc. came from the same place. I believe the vehicle to be sound but it does have some problems.

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