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1949 Jeepster Ventura, Ca eBay

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UPDATE:  There’s been some discussion about the engine not being stock on the ebay ad.  The stock inline 6 would have been an L 166 ‘lightning’ from what i have read.  However, the engine looks so nice in there, I don’t think it matters that it isn’t original.

Here’s a beautiful car that comes with a matching coffee mug.

“This is a very nice Jeepster that has just completed a very thorough cosmetic restoration to high standards. It was totally rust free having been in southern California all its life. Last year the owner brought me a coffee mug from a café in San Diego and he told me “Restore my Jeepster to match this mug. I love the color!” I think we succeeded.

The Jeepster body was disassembled down to the body tub which was left on the chassis as the floors were perfect. Body work was performed as required and the beautiful green paint was applied, color sanded and polished. It is stunning. Fenders were painted off the car to get a nice finish under the hood. The black second color was done the same way. We repainted the interior and dash as well.

The rare factory original OHV six cylinder engine was cleaned and painted having been previously rebuilt and in great running condition. This is a much more desirable engine than the four which is most Jeepsters. The transmission is a three speed with overdrive. Brakes were recently redone and work great. Tires are recent and are Coker white walls with a newer spare to match. Exhaust is great. Shocks are all new and the front suspension was totally rebuilt.

The top and side curtains are all brand new in a tan color that offsets the green and black to perfection. Top frame was repainted. The seats are older but in great shape and are black to match the trim. Steering wheel is new reproduction ….”

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3 Comments on “1949 Jeepster Ventura, Ca eBay

  1. Bob

    nice jeepster. Did they come with an f head 6 in 1950? I thought they only put the f-head four in them or the L head 6?

  2. deilers

    According to Wikipedia (, in ’49 Willys started offering the inline 6 as an option on some Jeepsters. As I understand it, it’s hard to find Jeepsters with the original inline 6, however I’d have to do more research to verify the rarity of the motor.

  3. Colin Peabody

    The Jeepster in question has a Willys F-head 6 cylinder engine. This engine was called the Hurricane 6 and was originally designed for use in the 1952 Willys Aero sedans. The F-head(intake valves in the cylinder head, exhaust valves in the block) 6 was 161 cubic inches and used many of the internal components as the Lightning L-head 6 engine.The F-head 6 had 90 hp as opposed to the 75hp of the Lightning 6 or the F-head Hurricane 4 with 72 hp. The early Lightning 6 engines were 148 cubic inches with 72 hp in 1949 and were increased in size to 161 cubic inches with 75 hp for 1950. Many Jeepsters had this Hurricane 6 engine installed as a replacement for the Go-Devil L-134 63 hp engines, the Lightning 6’s and the Hurricane 4s. It was a very sturdy engine and powered Willys Aero cars through 1955, the 1954 Kaiser Darrin and the Willys Aero sedans built in Brazil up into the late 1960s.

    Willys production numbers show 654 6 cylinder engines in Jeepsters for 1949 and 1779 6 cylinder Jeepsters for 1950. 1951 Jeepsters were leftover 1950 models and we cannot determine how many of those leftover Jeepsters had 6 cylinder engines. 1948 Jeepsters were all 4 cylinder cars from what we can determine.


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