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Unusual CJ-5 Rear Seat Mod

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I was on my way to Jalopy Jungle (got some new springs — but that write-up must wait) in Nampa when I passed by this CJ-5 sitting outside an auto salvage shop in Meridian.  As soon as I saw it, I made a quick u-turn and snapped some pics.  The CJ-5 itself appears in stock condition with a solid body and no engine. There was no for sale sign and am not sure what it being done to it.

The rear seat itself it something I’ve never seen.  The tail gate still works and there is storage area under the back seat.


8 Comments on “Unusual CJ-5 Rear Seat Mod

  1. mark massey

    Of all the slapped together mods you see on these rear areas this one looks like the winner. Attractive, comfortable and practical. I guess the ring eyes are for a safety strap, another good idea for those wee ones.

  2. Steve

    My guess this is for carrying the parade queen at the local parade. Neat idea. There is even a yellow box to hold the candy you throw.

  3. deilers

    Just for clarification, you won’t find me sitting in the back of this rig while it is moving; but then, I’m no beauty queen either! Besides, I couldn’t figure out how this was bolted down in the front!

  4. Jim Bow

    Weld a guy’s jeep, and he’ll say “Thanks!”

    Teach a guy to weld a jeep, and this is what you get.

  5. deilers

    I was *hoping* that there was more holding it on than those bolts in the back! But, I never spotted any other attachment points.

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