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Year? CJ-2A Ann Arbor, Mi eBay

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Here’s a nicely restored jeep, but I see nothing to indicate this is a ’45 or a ’46.  The serial number puts it as a ’47.  It is actually titled as a 1942.

“This example is one of the earliest CJ-2A Jeeps built by Willys in 1945. It was restored about 10 years ago. During the restoration, it was decided that this example would be painted to resemble a pre-1945 military Jeep and painted the appropriate military color with military numbering. Also, the spare tire was moved to the rear of the vehicle (military Jeeps had rear mounted spare tires, civilian Jeeps had side mounted spare tires). It should be noted that while this vehicle is a 1945, it is titled as a 1942. The VIN number is 106459 and is located on the original VIN tag on the firewall which also designates the model as a CJ 2A. The mileage indicated is approximately 21,000, however, like most vintage cars, there is no way of guaranteeing if this is original …”

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2 Comments on “Year? CJ-2A Ann Arbor, Mi eBay

  1. deilers

    Yeah, this one still has me puzzled. The restoration itself looks good and probably required a good amount of work — so, how does someone get the year so wrong? I mean, it’s not like there weren’t enough clues ….

    No column shift
    No indents
    One data plate instead of three
    The wrong serial number (for a VEC)
    The wrong grille (for a VEC)

    Go figure …

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