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1942 GPW Grass Valley, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4250

(06/06/2010) There have been improvements to the frame.  The rear differential does not appear to be full floating anymore.

“1942 Ford built GPW. 134cc”GO DEVIL” L head Willys engine, .030 over, hard seated exhausts, 12V alternator, external spin on oil filter, dry air filter system, closed cooling system, battery master disconnect, T-90 transmission, Danas front and rear, 5:38 gears, rear Spicer limited slip differential, 11″brakes, split master cylinder brake system, rear backing plate emergengy brake system, new fuel tank, Warn free wheeling hubs, Saganaw steering box, third stoplight mounted in sparetire bracket eye level, perfect upholstery on Ford scripted seat frames, 6 point full roll cage, 2-5gal Gerry can holder with rear mounted spare tire, black out lights (all three) with original switch and knob and they work, Halogen headlights mounted in original buckets with original “flip up” engine compartment mounts, high & low beams, horn, full tranny skid plate, 2″receiver mounts front & rear, modified three piece windsheild, fuel-amp-water temp-oil pressure gauges, dual dash lights, Cherry Bomb glass pack with full length exhaust pipe to rear, shovel and axe in original mounts, 2″rectangular steel sub framed, spring lift, original glove compartment, modified transfere case shift levers can go into high and low range when not in four wheel drive, pull lever emergency brake handle, original “patched” Ford body with original military identifiaction numbers on hood, multiple color flat finish never repainted wanted to be able to enjoy this rig off road and not worry about scratches. Probably some other stuff I forgot to mention but you can get a pretty good idea. Title clear, registration just paid, good till May 2011. This rig has been used as a daily driver weather permitting, it is an extremly capable rig, extremly dependable. Also comes with a tow bar, really never used it, preferred to drive the rig where I was going, Black Rock Desert, High Rock Canyon, the Playa for Burning Man, and several other local areas, Cisco Grove, Yuba Gap, Sierra Pass. Only flaw “pops” out of 2nd gear on occasion when used as an compression brake, Most T-90’s did this, inherant trait! If you are looking for an unique vintage “flatty” that it TURN KEY, this is it”


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