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Flattie Project Placerville, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000.
I’m pretty sure this is a fiberglass body.  ACME continues to sell fiberglass, metal and aluminum flattie bodies, as noted below.

“This was a project that never got finished. It has a Buick 231/ turbo 350/ Spicer18/ dana44 with 5/38 gearing/ Summer brothers axils/ aluminum wheels. The body (tub, front fenders, and grill) is an acme with minimum rust. Also comes with a two piece windshield and extra grill (small headlight), windshield wipers, extra u-joints and back seat Asking 2000.00 or best offer.”

Here’s a pic of an ACME glass flattie body.  Note the lack of tailgate. You can still purchase these at ACME for $2500:

ACME also sells metal bodies (steel (Early MB, MB, GPW, M-38, CJ-2A CJ-3A, CJ-3B and even a mini slat grille) & aluminum), though none I see come without tailgates except for the MB bodies, but those have the normal mb characteristics.


3 Comments on “Flattie Project Placerville, CA **SOLD**

  1. J.R. Welsh

    You could be right about the glass body Dave. I don’t know much about them, did they have tool boxe’s under the seat ? I think I’ll guess a DJ tub and……….??? whatever else. 🙂

  2. deilers

    I would have guessed it to be a glass body, until the seller mentioned it had minimal rust (based on that comment I then thought the body was metal). I’d expect a glass body to have minimal rust though 🙂 … yes, the glass bodies came without the under-the-seat tool boxes. They also came without the side drain holes. That sure looks a lot like the glass body I had on my first jeep (which was either a AJ or an ACME I think). The glass bodies without the tailgates tended to be lighter (based on what I’ve seen), hence they needed the support of a full back.

  3. deilers

    ok .. I’ve updated this post. After some research, I’ve decided that the body pictured is likely fiberglass.

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