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3 FC-150s Cleburne, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000

The seller provides some nice explanations about each vehicle.

“Hi – I decided to start selling off some of the jeep collection over here – reluctantly offered for sale now is this small group of late 50s / early 60s jeep forward control trucks.

Offering all 3 of these neat trucks for one price of 6 grand —— hope to sell them as a group , but if nobody wants all 3 , will offer them individually. The 1st few years these were built, they came with narrow axles and were known to roll over. The last few years jeep had fixed this problem by moving the leaf springs outward and using a wider track axle front and rear. Also the 1st few years had been known for overheating problems due to poor air flow to radiators, so there were some changes made to their cabs over the years to improve air flow through the grill. There are couple of great websites and owners group sites about these trucks- if you want to learn more.

1st jeep fc-150 here is the red / white truck in the barn… this is a nice and complete / very very original truck with great sheetmetal and was running and driving up until apprx 6-8 years ago when parked her in the barn due to the gas tank leaking. this particular fc150 truck is an earlier model with narrow-track axles but did have a somewhat improved radiator air flow cab. excellent truck to restore or replace the gas tank and tune-up and drive around like she is. this truck is by far the best candidate for fixing up out of them all and the plan was to fully restore this one and had bought a later model fc truck and was going to swap-in the later model wide-track axles to make it safer for driving. original cab and bed in great shape with no bondo or major rust – only rust worth mentioning on this truck is the rust which has started forming around the front and rear windshield rubber seals- isnt a major problem yet but should be addressed before it gets any worse. also–still has original vin plate attached next to seat. this one was always cared for by previous owners and is a great little truck. we installed some wider wheels on it to make it safer to drive around town. very very fun to drive these trucks !!

2nd jeep fc-150 here is the green 1961 / 1962 model truck which still runs and drives , but was originally bought because of its wide track axles and suspension and was going to be a parts truck for restoring the red and white truck in the barn. has many many great parts – or could be fixed up i guess, but this one was being used on a farm and is a bit beat-up and has some rust in the bottom corners of cab along with floor of bed. has very nice windshield and also has original vin plate present still next to seat. also has the full air flow design cab where you can look through its grill and see the radiator. all 4 tires hold air and can drive this one short distances- needs brake work. 4×4 works and everything. many great parts here or could be fixed up and enjoyed.

3rd jeep fc-150 here is this very early model ( 1956 / 1957 ) with the narrow-track axles and the no air flow through its grill design that was famous for overheating problems. this truck is another great southern texas body and still has its original bed. this one hasnt been on the road for many many years and had its glass busted out by vandals apprx 6-10 years ago – but floorboards are still clean overall. this truck was found in san antonio and couldnt resist buying this one to keep around as a spare truck and this one came with its original vin and texas title. would be a good platform for a custom build or keep around for spare parts. has good doors and some extra parts inside too !”


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