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1960 FC-150 Dublin, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2750 … it appears this was SOLD

“This little sucker is COOL, with a capital K! This is a running registered and stopping Willys Jeep FC-150. Rare little gem that she is, she is the last car I want to sell of the many cars I will be selling to meet this months mortgage, so the price is more than I think it would probably sell for locally unless it went on ebay, but I really dont want to sell it. It does have bad rear cab sorners, and some rust in the floor of the bed, and some at the flat floor areas and door corners etc, but overall is really really cool. I wouldn’t do a dan g thing to her except tinker and drive. She is a blast to drive around town, though she isnt super fast do to really low gears , and the anemic 134? 4 banger. Shoot me offers, but keep in mind I really want to keep it, so I am going to try an sell the others cars cheap first. Willy’s or Willys works also.”


2 Comments on “1960 FC-150 Dublin, Ca **SOLD**

  1. deilers

    Hi James,

    I just double checked the craigslist link. It appears this was deleted by the seller, which means it was likely sold. I did a second search and couldn’t find an updates listing for this fc either.

    – Dave

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