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1943 GPW Cedar, Ia eBay

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The bottom of the windshield is unusual; note the gap under it.  I’m not sure how that is staying in place.

“This is a 1943 GPW Ford army Jeep circa WWII.  When this Jeep was puchased, it was badly rusted and in severe need of a restoration.  I want to stress that this is NOT a true to 1943 restoration, but its close.

The body was lifted off the frame.  The frame was sandblasted and painted with enamel paint.  Everything was inspected and replaced if needed.  New brake lines and shocks have been installed.  New brake pads, wheel cylinders, etc.  The wheels were basted and new tires from Coker Tire were installed. The body was also sandblasted and any rust found was cut out and new panels weled in.  The floor is new, front to back and sealed with bedliner.  This was not a restoration to make this Jeep look new.  We wanted a look of an active duy Jeep, so any small dings were left and minimal body work was done.  The body was sprayed with the correct Green enamel.  New glass was installed in the widshield.  The seat were recovered in Army green canvas.  New guages were installed, new steering wheel, and new wiring with late model type fuses.  It has been converted to 12V.  We DO NOT have the shovel and ax.

This Jeep was finished about 1 1/2 years ago, and has had roughly 450 miles put on it.  The engine runs great with its new Solex carb.  Trans and transfer case work great.  This would be great for re-enactments or parades.  if you have questions, please call me at 641-682-8469.  Good Luck.”

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2 Comments on “1943 GPW Cedar, Ia eBay

  1. Lester Senn

    IMHO the restorer used a flat piece of sheet metal for the windshield skin instead of ordering the correct panel which is curved to fit the cowl.Also has no rubber windshield to cowl seal.These panels are tack welded to the frame.Did you notice the much too wide center bar between the windshield glass panels? Another shortcut repair to the inner windshield frame.At least the seller is being honest that it is not a true to restoration.This one is much closer than some I have seen advertised as originals.

  2. deilers

    Agreed .. it’s a bit odd that there’s plenty of nice work here, yet the choices with the windshield were unusual …

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