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1965 CJ-6 Luxemburg, Wi **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This has already sold (was listed for $1100)

This seller meant to buy a CJ-5, but bought this by mistake (if I understand the ad correctly).

“1965 CJ6 F-134 Engine, 12-VOLT, T90 Transmission and Dana Transfer Case. This was just recently listed as a cj5. It is not, its a long frame. Below is what the last guy listed in his ad. I got it home and found out it was a long frame, I want a short one. I bought it and towed it home. It tows great with a 1/7/8 ball.

This jeep is being offered as a whole or for parts. This thing has cost me more money that I have the nerve to state.
It, for the 2nd time has stopped running. I have had the motor rebuilt twice. It is cursed and I want it gone! It has a brand new rebuild on the transmission, new rebuilt radiator, New Carter YF carberator. The body is rough. It took me 6mos. to find a 6volt starter as the lame mechanic in oshkosh that I first took it too, happened to misplace it (stole). I could take it to rawhide and write it off for $500 which I will do should I not piece it out. I have to get rid of this thing. It has cursed me for the last 4yrs. I could take it to the mechanic and have it rebuilt again, but I am so over it. Do have wisconsin title.

Call brian at 920-255-5596 if you want it. Lets deal, or if you know of a cj5 please let me know. I do not email or respond to them just call.”


5 Comments on “1965 CJ-6 Luxemburg, Wi **SOLD**

  1. Bob

    Sounds a little suspicious. He bought it and towed it home before he realized it was a cj6? Odd. The motor has been rebuilt twice? Sounds like he need to find a new mechanic. If it’s on the level, it sounds like a good deal.

  2. HOG

    It would make a nice truck project,, CJ half cab & a 70s running gear with a AMC 360 ,, Mercy I gotta stop thinking these projects up ,, It would look good dragging my 3b (project) to shows & runs,,

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