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The Oscar Meyer FC?


The jeep platform has been used for a variety of different projects, including multiple versions of the Zamboni Ice Re-surfacer.  But, I didn’t know that in 1958 the famous Oscar Meyer vehicle was built from a 1958 FC-150.  I guess that didn’t work so well, as they didn’t do it again based on the info I’ve found.

I wish I had pics of this, but I haven’t seen any.  You can learn more about the Wiener Jeep here and at the CJ-3B Page (scroll down on the page).


3 Comments on “The Oscar Meyer FC?

  1. Steve E.

    I knew that Brooks Stevens designed the Weinermobile, but I wasn’t aware that one was built on a Jeep 4×4 frame. )

    I almost bought a ’58 Zamboni about 15 years ago, on a CJ-5 chassis (so I was told. Maybe it was an FC-150, also.) It ran on propane and had low miles, of course. But it was very heavy and I only wanted the running gear, so I passed. I could have put it back into service in a new outdoor ice rink six years ago in the mountains only 60 miles from home. I should have spent the $900.
    Hindsight is 20-20.
    **Steve E.**

  2. deilers

    That would have been cool! As I understand it, the zamboni was built on top of CJ-2As, CJ-3As, CJ-3Bs and CJ-5s. Then, they were built on just the frame, which appeared to be either a CJ-5 or CJ-3B frame. After that, the company switched to a new platform.

    – D

  3. Derek Redmond

    Just to update the link to The CJ3B Page, since there are no longer forwarding links at the old location of the website: the Wienermobile is at

    There are a couple of photos there, but I only speculated that it was an FC chassis because of Stevens’ involvement. It doesn’t seem like 4WD would have been necessary, so perhaps a Dispatcher is more likely.

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