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Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art’s 1952 M-38A1

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I located a couple good pics of MOMA’s 1952 M-38A1 which was donated by the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund. I would suggest calling ahead to make sure this is still on display if you want to see it.  However, the M-38A1 is not the first jeep to be highlighted by MOMA.  In September of 1951, the Museum of Modern Art in New York decided to exhibit iconic automobile design as pure elements of art & design.  One of the eight vehicles chosen was the M-38, with the description as a “sharply rational vehicle”.  You can read more about that at the Jalopy Journal.

This pic is from a snapper of of NYC images for the NYCPIX blog.  There are some good, everyday sort of pics.  If you’ve spent time in NY, you’ll enjoy this site.

This photo is also from a NYC image blog.


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