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Dexter finds a pretty complete, 1943 MB at a good price

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Dexter is pretty excited about this find!  No bad mods, though there appear to be a few things that need to be changed to make it closer to original.  He should get an excellent stock MB out of it with some time.  Below are a few pics and here are many, many picsYou can see a discussion about his find at the G503 site.  Congrats Dexter!


3 Comments on “Dexter finds a pretty complete, 1943 MB at a good price

  1. Paul

    What the heck is that double shackle/extra spring addition to the left front wheel? See picture 57.
    Is there a matching spring setup on the right side?

    Nice Jeep, hard to believe it’s so original after all these years.

  2. Dexter

    Thanks for the post, Dave.

    Dave is correct, it is a torque reaction spring on the driver side. And no, there’s isn’t one on the passenger side.

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