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Me and Dad Circa 1982 near Milk Lake, Wa

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From the scrapbook archives comes this image of Dad and I readying ourselves for another day of jeeping.  I believe this was in 1982 (which would make me 17 and dad 49).  I remember the overnight at Milk Lake because we slept in the lean-to (see the blue tarp in the background), which was the first time I can remember doing that.

In the pics you can see the aluminum storage units with some supplies in them.  Dad built those from Boeing Surplus leftovers, rivets and a rivet gun.  They were light, easy to pack, and stored over the wheel wells, between the roll cage bars, so they were accessible on the trail as well.


3 Comments on “Me and Dad Circa 1982 near Milk Lake, Wa

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I believe Jim & Patty & Steve (&Tim?), Ham, Stan, and Danny were there. I think there was one or two other jeeps too. I remember just getting situated when this CJ-5 pops up out of nowhere. The driver and passenger were drunk. They were driving through the bushes, ignoring any trail. Jim & Ham were in the guys face telling him to get back on the trail. The CJ-5 pretty much ignored them, though they quickly left the scene. We never saw them again.

    Isn’t Milk Lake close to Buck Meadows? This was the only time I remember stopping and camping at the lake.

  2. Mitch

    It’s on the naches side of the hill from Buck meadows. Good chance I was there I suppose though my sister would have only been 1 or 2 at that time. My folks did have us out on the trail really young though. My first trail ride was at 3 months I think

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