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1947? VEC CJ-2A Inland Empire, Ca $15,000

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This is interesting.  It’s a CJ-2A being sold as a 1947, but has a serial number of 28367, which means it should have the tool indents as well.  It could mean the body is a replacement or something else. Or, someone has melded a couple jeeps together.

“The CJ2A is the civilian version of the famous WWII Jeep (known as the MB) from which the term “Jeep” was coined. Of course, there were no new vehicles available during the war, so the civilian versions were first produced in July of 1945 (2 months after V-E day and 1 month *before* V-J day!), As far as Jeeps go though, this body style is the absolute earliest a civilian could purchase.

As you can see, this particular CJ2A has been painted in military colors, and is equipped with military tires.   pristine, restored examples. This particular jeep has obviously been hacked on over the years, although sometimes its hard to tell wether something has been altered somewhere along the line or if its just 1940s technology.”


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