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Sam creates E-Brake Basic Training

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No one can say that Sam and his wife Alecia don’t have a sense of humor.  This tutorial had me laughing for a while today!

From Flatfender Willys Academy comes Sam’s explanation of the center emergency brake mod. …. Take it away Sam …


2. This is a 78 Merc Capri E brake. There are 3 bolts that hold it in place. The wires are for a dash warning light. The hole to cut is just larger then the width of the fulcrum and slightly longer than the fulcrum travel.

3. The part in the image below goes under the floor and the cables from the rear loop through this cable guide. If the cable is too long, cut to length and use your cable locks.  The best location for the brake is close to the seat.

4. This is the housing which is screwed down with screws.  Use the housing to determine the location of E-brake.

5. Double check for clearance and reach by working lever up and down. If it feels good, install!

6. This E-brake is from a Hyundai. Most Japanese cars will work, but Ford is the easiest way to go.

7. This is also from a Hyundai, but boot needs to be modified. So you get busy with that E-brake while I give that maggot who shrunk my jeep a major malfunction….FALL OUT!

More Information:

It usually takes about a hour to install with 3 bolts, nuts, washers, and two cable clamps. Once you get the brake installed in the vehicle where you can grab it comfortably, hooking up the cable underneath is a no-brainer, no matter what year it is. I have also used this unit on drum type brakes.

In the image below, I’ve installed a brake in a CJ-3B with a CJ-5 Chassis.  The installation is slightly different from that of the CJ2 etc. Total cost of the E-brake and cover at Pick-in-Pull for this project was $5.00. Cost of the clamps (2) and 3 bolts was $3.25 for a total of $8.25.

Comment by Dave …. This is the only other floor mounted emergency brake that I’ve seen.  Unfortunately, the pic isn’t that good.  But, you pull back on the stick to set it and push the button at the top to release it. You can see the rest of the pics related to this jeep here.


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