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A Couple Slat Grille MBs and Marmon Herrington Tanks

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Here’s an image from 1942 that Hugo spotted at wikipedia.  The picture is high enough resolution that I was able to get a couple closeup pics as well.


3 Comments on “A Couple Slat Grille MBs and Marmon Herrington Tanks

  1. paul

    Very interesting, the photo looked like it was taken out on the Aleutian islands so I checked the wikipedia site. When I read Summertime in Alaska I had to smile. The U.S. military established airports on various islands to protect mainland Alaska and America from the Japanese military which was occupying several islands on the western end of the Aleutian range. The weather in this area caused more problems for the soldiers (both American and Japanese) than the fighting did.

  2. Roberto Flores

    I love these shots! If I´m not wrong, I have got an article about US Marmon Herrington tanks in an ol´ issue of British magazine “Military Modelling”. Article written by AFVs “guru” mr. Steve J. Zaloga. Cool!

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