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Year GPW? Watsonville, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD* Was $6500.

I’m not sure what we have.  It’s got a GPW Frame, a Willys Body, a CJ-2A windshield and gearing.   This will need the clutch replaced.

“Looks great, runs fine, but needs a new clutch. Willys body, Ford frame, Good tires, breaks, etc. I bought this Jeep for $7K earlier in the year thinking it would be perfect for use on our ranch, but not realizing the Jeep is geared extremely low and realistically only gets up to about 30mph. The ranch is out behind Mount Hamilton and it would take us far too long to drive this little Jeep out there, so I kept it as a collectible “fun” vehicle. We were out joy riding (it’s a fun old ride) and the clutch gave out. Had to tow it back home, now it’s been sitting for a couple of months (we start her up once a month). Make me an offer, times are tough and we need the cash.”


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