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1953 CJ-3A Farmington, ME **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $2995.

(09/20/2010) This seller has mower and snow plow attachments.  Note the rear PTO. The tub and fenders are fiberglass.

“Good condition. Original flathead 4 cylinder starts and runs good. 3 speed transmission with hi-lo and FWD shifts good. Frame is solid with no rust. Tub and fenders are fiberglass. Hood, grill and windshield are steel. Has hydraulic lift on front and rare pto in the back. Included are a manual angle snow plow, and 59″ wide finish mower that hooks up to the rear pto, a steel half-cab which I purchased but never used, a light duty roll bar, original wheels and other parts. The speedo cable has been broken for as long as I have owned it so I have no idea how many miles are on it. The oil pressure and water temp gauges work. For the past 7 years or so, I have used this cool, old jeep to mow my lawn, plow my 100′ driveway and occasionally ride into town (5 miles) but now I have lost interest and purchased conventional mower and snowblower to replace it. Some work on the wiring for the headlights and turn signals will need to be done to make it street legal again. I will take $3500 for everything for the first person who shows up with the money and I’ll also consider offers for the jeep without the attachments.”


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