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6×6 Tug Baldwinsville, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $17000.

Buck found this cool tribute to the early 6×6 Tuggs on eBay.  It’s not wholly original, but it is wholly fun.

“This amazing 6×6 “Super Jeep” was built from scratch using military and civilian parts. This vehicle runs, stops, and drives nicely. The body is in perfect condition. No rust. Fresh paint. Brand new seats. This is is a replica of the 6×6 TUG Super Jeep that the US Army made only 15 prototypes of.

Key Specs/Features:
-Flathead 4 engine
-12V electrical system
-3 speed transmission
-4 or 6 wheel drive
-The rear axle is powered via chain drive pillow block on the middle axle.
-Top speed 45 MPH
-Removable cargo racks

Extra items/parts:
– Spare tire
– Spare tire holder
– Jerry can holder
– Misc. bow parts (see photo)
– Rear seat cushions”


9 Comments on “6×6 Tug Baldwinsville, NY **SOLD**

  1. Dutch Petro

    I would love to see the under carriage, the entire vehicle looks to bear witness and pay tribute to your passion of the era as well as craftmanship incorporated into a unique build. Seeing completed projects like this truely inspire, and work to lessen the bite of those infamous words spoken by so many wives across the globe,”When is that thing going to be out of the driveway…”. We shall all endeavor to persevere.

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