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1958 DKW Munga Auto Union Seattle, Wa Status Unknown

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UPDATE:  Status Unknown

(06/04/2010)  DKW Mungas were sold in the USA by Studebaker, along with Mercedes-Benz. Here are a variety of images of the Munga.  Munga is the German Acronym for “Multi purpose Universal Cross-country Car with All-wheel drive”.

“1958 DKW Auto Union Audi Jeep 3=6 Munga Gelandewagen 3cyl 2 stroke FWD/4X4. VIN 68602889. Miles 24,579. NATO Peacekeeping Jeep. FWD 4X4 3cyl/ 2 Stroke. This rare piece of post war history is a DKW / Auto Union Military jeep which was later used in civilian production. This car came to Seattle in 1982 from Palo Alto, California where it had lived for decades. It was driven regularly in the 80’s and sold with a DKW collection and put in dry storage until now. It is believed complete and also has many spares including a good crankshaft, which is an important item on this car. We have taken many parts out of the car to show condition of the body, but we will load it for the purchaser and carefully package it. As you can see the car is partialy disasembeld and it does not run.

The Auto Union was the collaboration of DKW, Audi, Wanderer and Horch

These vehicles are extremely nimble, and will climb a very high grade. They rev like crazy, and are a hoot to drive. Front wheel drive to four wheel drive on the fly, they are nearly impossible to get stuck in. 3 cylinder two stroke with only seven moving parts in the engine, there are strong parts clubs overseas and in the U.S. These are a fabulous conversation piece, and can be used instead of a golf cart at a car show or auction site. Very collectible and priced to sell. Nice restoration project. There are several owners clubs in the world and parts are accessable.”

Here’s a DKW Munga Brochure:


19 Comments on “1958 DKW Munga Auto Union Seattle, Wa Status Unknown

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I haven’t seen any more information regarding the Munga. I don’t have a search mechanism set up for that, so I may be missing those vehicles when they appear for sale.

    – Dave

  2. Ullrich Märker

    I’m interested in the chassis number to complete the international vehicle register.
    I ask kindly to the announcement.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Kevin Langley

    Lucas, do you still have it? Interested in selling? I need parts or a complete munga. Thanks

  4. eric lazarus

    Je suis en France et je viens d’acheter un Munga/4 Ex OTAN de 1963 dans son état d’origine.
    Je cherche à remplacer certaines pièces.
    Merci de votre aide

  5. David Eilers

    Salut Eric,

    Malheureusement, je ne sais pas qui vend des pièces DKW neuves ou d’occasion. Je pense que quelque part en Europe pourrait le faire ? J’aimerais pouvoir être plus utile. J’espère que vous trouverez une réponse !


  6. erick lazarus

    Merci beaucoup Dave pour votre réponse.
    je cherche les feux avants (clignotants) et les feux arrière mais je ne trouve pas en Europe.

  7. eric lazarus

    Merci Larry. Oui je connais ce vendeur mais il lui manque beaucoup de choses et en particulier les pièces que je cherche.
    Quel est le modèle de Munga que vous avez ?

  8. Larry Rucker

    I have a 63 F8. we have restored it but are still having some issues with water leaking from the head. we think it might have a hairline crack. looking to MT the head as well I looking for a replacement head just incase.
    what parts do you need?

  9. eric lazarus

    J’ai vu ces pieces si ça vous intéresse:

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