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Champs Sold!


Well, I wont’ be sending my kids to college with all my earnings from the sale of the 3 Champs, but I made a little money on the deal and did a good deed for the Champ community.

I have to say that getting a chance to poke around them, seeing how they were built, etc, was an interesting experience.  And, with more time and money, I think they would have been a fun rebuild; however, I am quite pleased to be rid of them!


3 Comments on “Champs Sold!

  1. deilers

    No, they didn’t get parked in the driveway … if I had done that, the Home Owner’s Association would have been all over my butt. You have to remember that these weigh close to 4000lbs and don’t roll so well at the moment. So, my goal all along was to sell them out of the salvage yard where they were at.

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