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The Bantam BRC-40 T2 & T2E1 and Willys T21

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As part of some research I’m gathering, I ran across the BRC-40 T2 and BRC-40 T2E1, developed in 1941; these are two unusual derivations of the Bantam BRC-40 in Mark Askew’s book, Rare WW2 Jeep book.  So, I did a search online and found a couple images of each gathered by Dave Haugh at the website where you can see all the images he collected.

Here’s an image from of the BRC-40 T2 with the 37MM Gun on it mounted in the middle of the vehicle.

There were some problems with the T2, so they moved the gun to the back for version 1 of T2E1.  I guess the army liked this design better so they developed a 2nd version of the T2E1 where they modified the back.  Below is a picture of that.

There was also a Willys MB version of this called the T21 with the 75mm mounted in the rear (I couldn’t find any pics).


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