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A Very Sad Wagon ….

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Maggie Mae discovered this terribly sad wagon.  This poor thing is now sitting in her driveway.  However, looks can be deceiving.  It turns out it has a part she has been trying to find.  Also, upon closer inspection, she reports the frame appears in good shape.

She writes,  “In my defense, it was ‘free for haul away’ and has the 2 barrel manifold I’ve been searching for. The floor is just a couple inches shy of the bottom of the windows, it actually looks a bit better than it should in the back end because of the homemade spring hangers/lift kit. Yes, the grille guard is a piece scaffolding. The gas tank had rusted through and was replaced with a beer keg that was “mounted” on 2×4’s where the passenger rear seat should have been.”


4 Comments on “A Very Sad Wagon ….

  1. Maggie Mae

    Yes, it’s in my driveway.

    Would you believe that the frame is almost good? It’s not rusted through or even very thin anywhere.

  2. Paul

    The frame is almost good??? Not rusted thru or even very thin anywhere??? Hmmmm, sounds like a woman I used to date years ago.

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