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1946 CJ-2A Canyon County, Ca eBay

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This *might* have an interesting history.  Someone mentioned to me (I can’t remember who) that either Roy or his museum had several Jeeps, so this very well could be one of those.  It looks like it had very little use.  Just look at how nice the front frame rail and bumper looks.

“This is a relatively unmodified Jeep that runs and drives with relatively no known major mechanical defects. See notes below.

98% Rust free Southern California Jeep. Still has six-volt electrical system and all original brake components. I’ve owned this Jeep about 8 years and it has been used as a parade Jeep in a local July 4th parade as well as Christmas light tours.

The previous owner said the Jeep was owned by the movie studios in the 1970s and may have been one of three Jeeps used on the Roy Rogers show. I was told that they used 3 Jeeps – the original NelleBelle, a stunt Jeep and a long distance shot Jeep. Supposedly this was the long distance Jeep. I have never been able to verify these facts,  however, at some point it was pained light gray exactly like NelleBelle. Remember TV was black and white then.

It currently has 15 inch wheels but I’m including 5 sand-blasted 16 inch original Willys’ wheels and some reproduction tail lights.

Positive aspects:
• Frame is 100% original with straight uncut frame horns on the front.
• Exterior body panels straight with no rust out.
• This Jeeps starts up and runs and drives.
• Excellent collector Jeep that can be easily restored.

The following items are not original Jeep parts:
• Tail lights
• Wheels
• Mirror
• Some gauges
• Seat cushions

Known defects:
• The engine has a deep growling noise. It does not seem to be a rod bearing or anything like that. With the fan belt disconnected, the noise is still there. I have no idea what the noise is. it is inside the engine.
• The Dualamatic Overdrive has severe gear noise.
• The passenger side rear wheel well was poorly repaired at some point.
• Minor oil leaks.
• Channel under passenger side floor has some rust-through.
• Radio cut out in dash
• Tail light cut-outs”

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