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1953? M-38 Wenatchee, Wa $1200


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $1200.

“1953 but title says 1943. Has a 302 that was installed and I sold the fenders and grille that was cut for that engine. So now it has the right grille and hood but not cut so the radiator is not installed since I did not want to cut a hard to find jeep part. They only made this jeep from 51 to 53. It does have a M38 top with data plates for the top. Top is something we can deal on and does not go with the jeep. I paid $400 for the top. And the top fits 2A’s and 3A’s.  The engine runs. I ran it before I removed the radiator and other grille. Sounded good. I do have the master cylinder for the brakes which is why I never drove it. Has the wrong hood since the M38 hood should have the snorkel and jumper openings on the passenger side of the hood. Body needs a lot of welding and the back wheel wells have seperated on the drivers side since the previous owner did not weld it and just used bondo and fiberglass to keep it together. Its not a lost cause but does need a lot of work. I may have a 4 cylinder which is not a M38 that we can deal on but it needs rebuilt. All in all with some spot welds and brake fixed and radiator installed it could drive. I just have too many projects and not enough time. I would consider partial trade for hunting items or a small trailer that can haul trash and my large 4 wheeler. Something with larger tires and newer with a ramp. As I said the top and 4 cylinder are something we can deal on. This is a rare jeep of the Korean era.”


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