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Ready to go Camping ….

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UPDATE:  I did a little more research and finally found this photo at the CJ-3B Page.  There is a complete discussion of the history of the CJ-3B, including a note that the CJ-3B has a custom body extension and a Sears top was purchased that was also custom extended. It’s a good story to read.

I’m not sure where this image might have originated, but I spotted it at


4 Comments on “Ready to go Camping ….

  1. deilers

    It is longer than the normal CJ-3B. I thought I’d seen some of these longer CJ-3Bs somewhere, however I can’t seem to find them now. I’m wondering if that is a CJ-6 hard top on it?

  2. Gerald

    I read this on the 3B page when it was published. What wonderful times those must have been. What an adventurer. Much like the story you ran a couple months back about the long Outback trip in the late model Wrangler.

    Awesome 3B, trailer and boat……

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