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A Brief Glimpse of the Kaizer-Ilin Factory in Israel

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Or, a reader from Israel, has been trying to locate more information (especially the model number) about the Compact Willys Truck I have temporarily labeled a Tender.  While doing that research, he spotted a brief clip of some Willys Wagons, Trucks and the Kaizer-Ilin plant in Israel (but no Compact Willys Trucks visible).

Look at minute mark 4.22 through 4.43.

Or also spotted another example of the Compact Truck in Israel:


4 Comments on “A Brief Glimpse of the Kaizer-Ilin Factory in Israel

  1. David Eilers

    Wael … these were not for sale. They were just examples of the Willys Compact Truck sold in Israel.

    – Dave

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