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Winter Has Arrived …

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Roberto got a change to take Altona out and play in the snow in Spain.  I too got out and drove in the snow in Biscuit, but I don’t have a top … it was really cold!  In fact, at one point a truck drove by me at about 40mph and launched slushy snow/water onto the hood, into the windshield and over the windshield into my lap!  Fortunately, I had my snow bibs on and was dressed warm, so no damaged done …

Here’s some pics from Roberto:


4 Comments on “Winter Has Arrived …

  1. Roberto Flores

    Thanks a lot, Bob! Really, the hard top is quite similar to other Willys samples I have seen at the net. And also to British Land Rover series I (86 inch) and Land Rover Minerva too.

    The “tin car” (Dad called her so… ;-)) or the “Aitona” is proud of those doors! He, he, he!

  2. Paul

    Nice to see you’re enjoying winter Jeeping. So far here in the great white north we haven’t had much winter weather. Only two feet of snow so far and the lowest temp was only 10 below F. Must be that global warming thing.

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