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1947 CJ-2A York, Pa — Parting out

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Lots of parts left.

I have a 1947 Willys jeep cj2a that I am parting out. Or will sell as whole package for the right price. This jeep is on rough condition however if you are in need of a part as little as a bolt. Let me know and I will see if it is there. I will take it off and sell it to you. The way I am going to work this is you describe the part I will see if I have it, take it off and send a picture. and you make me an offer. Or you may come take a look at it in person. Also If you need a section of a body part and the price is right I will cut it out for you. Before I do that though I need to know I will get paid.
I basicly have a full jeep without an engine. It does have the transfer case and transmission. NO title. I have extra front and rear axles. and 5 Gerry cans ( some gas, some water cans.) The wheels are in nice condition. If the part is small enough for an extra $5-$10. I will bead blast the part for you. I will ship the item if you want me too. (Prefer pickup). I will need to be payed in full (including shipping) first through Paypal. Email me LEAVE A PHONE # I CAN REACH YOU AT IN EMAIL. my email is acting up on me and not sending right all the time. or contact me text/call 717-419-2553 Please leave a message if I do not answer I will get back to you. I will update when I sell an item and put “sold” beside it. I will need cash upfront for anything that I will need to cut out of the body.

Bell housing- SOLD
pass. seat swivels-
trans hump cover-
tool box lid-
toolbox ( needs cut out of body)-
tailgate hinges-
tailgate “willys” stamped-
rear draw bar, hitch-
oil/air filter mounting brackets-
tailgate chains-
steering linkage-
steering box-
steering wheel. (Two)-
steering column outer tube-
hood “willys” stamped-
windshield “willys” stamped-
axle front (two)-
axle rear (two)-
front drive shaft-
rear drive shaft-
transfer case-
rims (4)-
leaf springs (4)-
head lights (2)-
head light buckets (2)-
steering column dash mount-
gas tank-
dash (cut out)-
back fenders (cut out)-
windshield latches-
windshield dash latch mount-
“E” brack bracket ass.-
brake pedal-
clutch pedal-
brake pedal arms-
clutch pedal arms-
shift linkage.-

That pretty much covers everything. I might be missing some things so feel free to ask if its not listed above.”


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