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Santa’s Sleigh Got Stuck Last Night

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It seems Santa had to turn to an Orange CJ-2A to complete his duties last night.  I’d like to give credit for the brave soul who snuck out and captured this photo; however, the reader(s) didn’t leave their name. (Actually, this photo came in from two different email addresses, neither of which had a name).  I guess they were concerned they’d get some coal in their socks?

We’ll just call this wiki-leak-like photo a Santa-Leak!


2 Comments on “Santa’s Sleigh Got Stuck Last Night

  1. tony denham

    the jeep is a 47 cj2a. my son (a.k.a. santa ) and i have been restoring for a couple of months now. we enjoy your site and appreacheate you publishing the photo . christmas eve in chilly central florida.

  2. deilers

    HI Tony,

    Thanks for sharing the photo! It must be cold in Florida for Santa to be wearing the full outfit 🙂

    Funny thing is the last time I was in Florida, it was also really cold (back in Feb of 2002). I was all excited to enjoy some warm weather during a business trip, but instead a cold snap blew through and it was as cold as the Salt Lake City temperatures I was trying to escape!

    Keep up the good work on the project.

    – Dave

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