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1948 CJ-2A Dalton, Ga Trade (or Make offer)


UPDATE:  Price now $4000.

(12/13/2010) This seller provides a detailed overview of what he’d like to get and the pluses/minuses of the jeep.

“I know times are tough on every one now, so I thought I would set this out for a trade or sale to see what would be offered. I am looking for a NICE aircooled (pre-1980) VW Bus, Camper, Thing or Beetle. It will have to be NICE. I am also interested in a good late model passat stationwagon or Jetta 4 door, or NICE new beetle. I am a VW guy so I know what to look for, so no junk please. Any thing else, just let me know. I am not interested in any money from my end, but I’ll look at trades + Cash.


Ok about the Willys:
-Paint is GREAT (original color)
-Has a new Gas tank, and Tool box.
-Upholstery is great.
-Has a great Bestops top and new bows.
-Has a brand new Heater (aftermarket, w/ blower – needs the hoses ran, but the switch and power are all hooked up.)
-Has a GREAT aftermarket Tub (NO RUST).
-Has the original L134 Flat head engine, runs well.
-Has fairly new Kuhmo 16” 7ply AT tires with tubes on OEM rims.
-Trannie is supposed to be rebuilt as of 7K miles (new clutch at that time).
-Is 12v with the High torque starter.
-115 PSI on all cyl. / 12 PSI oil @ idle with hot oil (20 w/ cold).
-Front Disk Brakes – NEW Hardware. Back Brakes – New hardware.
-Has new front headlights and tail lights, WITH TURN SIGNALS!!!

In the past Month:
-New plugs, oil, oil filter, adjusted valves.

Comes with:
-New front pulley, current one works, just has a bent spot.
-New engine gasket set (head, side, intake / exhaust, water intake…) New oil pan gasket. – bought and never needed.
-New fuel pump. Has an electric one installed now that works, but in case you wanted to go back to an OEM look.
-Has a 1 wire Altenator and all new wiring.

OK, there are not alot of “bads”, but here they are:
-It leaks oil. not alot, but around the oil pan at the front it drips. not alot, but it will “mark it’s spot.” It has a few other “drips”, but nothing other than a light drip every so often .
-It needs a front driver’s hub oil seal. This is the one that goes around the ball that the stearing turns on. – This leak is pretty good and should be addressed before going of road.
-Engine is LOUD, it has a small exhaust leak (seal blown at exhaust manifold at down pipe…)and sounds like an old engine. This ain’t a modern car. If your expecting a 2009 TJ, this ain’t it.
(engine has great Oil Pressure and has good compression…)
-Engine could use new points / condensor. I do not use points on my VW’s, (Petronix) so I hate messing with them. I have set the points and it runs good, but the timming light is jumpy about 3*.(New Distributor with petronix = $125 and never worry about it again….)

Any way it is a GREAT looking / Running Jeep that has lots of potential.
Not alot of Flat fender Jeeps around and not a lot that are ready to get in and drive.

I have been Honest in my presentation of this Jeep, please be honest in your descriptions of your trades. This will save us both some time.
706 – nine eight zero – 5313.
I have more photographs, but do not waste my time.”


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