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Happy 17th Birthday Chris

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Over the past year and a half Chris (from Mossy Rock, Wa) and I have been trading emails every-so-often as he works his way through his flat fender project.  He recently figured out how to work with some bondo; he also tried his hand at using Herculiner.  You can see the results below.   It’s a bit of a trial and error process for him, but he’s making good progress.

January 1st is his birthday, so have a great birthday Chris and keep the pics coming!


5 Comments on “Happy 17th Birthday Chris

  1. Chris

    Are you kidding me? Another guy with the same first name as me, loves Jeeps, lives in the same state, and has his birthday in the same month? That just blows be away. And to top it off Mossyrock is only a 45 minute drive from here! Happy Birthday Chris, and good luck with that Jeep of yours! 😉

  2. Chris

    Thats awsome chris. what kind of jeep do you have? And i am accually from Onalaska, WA not mossyrock that was a misunderstanding between Dave and I.

  3. mitch

    I too spent my Birthday (jan 3rd) working on my flattie project in WA…..I now have the fuel injected 5.0 sitting between the frame rails and bolted up with I expect a long wiring road ahead… lol

    Happy birthday Chris and keep up the good work

  4. Chris (from first comment)

    Unfortunately, I don’t own a jeep. (Mainly due to financial limitations. Although I do like the CJ-3A.) And since I have yet to purchase my first vehicle, a Jeep is (sadly) going to have to wait until after I’ve purchased a cheaper, more practical vehicle. In the meantime, I’d love to stay updated on your project if that’s possible. 🙂

  5. Chris

    definatly chris… i dont know how i can give you my e mail without everyone being able to see it…aghh oh well…its chrisruhnau(the number fifty-two)…ya know, mabe you could find a pretty practical priced jeep somewhere in lewis co. i know of a few. heck i ended up paying $400 for mine and it ran!

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