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2011 FC Roundup March 25, 26, 27 in Phoenix, Az

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Get your FCs loaded!  It is time for the 2011 FC Roundup in Phoenix, Az, March 25, 26 & 27th. If you need more information, check out the 2011 information page at thefcconnection. Or, view past roundups here.

Contact Info: Jesse Ybarra,

This is your personal invitation:  You are invited to attend another “Most Excellent” Jeep Forward Control Roundup in Phoenix, AZ.

This is a limited invitation to only 1957-65 Jeep FC and 1961-65 FJ3-6 vehicles, USPS US Mail FleetVans or civilian Fleetvans. (not for DJ or any other AM USPS van) it is also not an invitation for any other model of Jeep or Willys Vehicles.
We invite all Jeep Forward Control Owners and Jeep FleetVan owners and friends to come and see several of these vehicles on display and meet with other FC / FJ owners.

Each year we have had several Jeep FC-150s narrow and wide tracks, FC -170 SRW / DRW, a few Military M-series FCs and a few FleetVans on display, this year, again we will have a variety of original unrestored, full restorations, and some repowered vehicles on display.

Please try to attend, with your vehicle running or not, in any stage of completion or condition, or bring pictures. Plan to meet with other owners that generously continue to come here and volunteer their time and information, learn new ideas and proceedures, this energy from my friends may give you that extra ambitious incentive for owning yours, or wanting to have one.

Bring your FC items, toys, memorabilia, photos, artwork, literature, and manuals to display. New FC related products and special tools will also be shown. There is no charge for the event. We do welcome and are always very grateful for any FC related items that are donated for the free raffle. FC Roundup event hats, T-shirts, Hot dogs and refreshments will also be available. Roundup information.

To the new FC or FleetVan people, It may be confusing, which Roundup to go to, they are all good, I wish we had more everywhere. I suggest go to all of them. One thing happens at all of them, they are events for FC Owners and friends to see and talk only about FC vehicles, where parking is for FC vehicles only. You do not need to have your FC to be here. If looking at pictures is good, seeing other vehicles and meeting the owners, to ask about details will help forever.

Each year after the AZ FC Roundup, someone says after the event, that they missed it. Mark your next year’s calendar, this event is always the last weekend of March, we have always been fortunate enough to have, Most Excellent weather at that time. And regardless of whatever else is going on, to me this event is more important, this event will always be here Friday thru Sunday.

This event is minutes from the Airport, no need for a rental car, we are fortunate to have a light rail that can bring you from the airport to here close to the event, where you can be picked up by one of our volunteers and brought to the Roundup.

Along the way are Motels at previous stops, you can also get back on the light rail and be picked up in an FC. We daily have places to drive FCs, so if you have never rode in an FC, do it here.


3 Comments on “2011 FC Roundup March 25, 26, 27 in Phoenix, Az

  1. Craig B.

    I’ll be there with my FC Tour Jeep and will be pulling shuttle duty for anyone that needs it. Also semi-guided tours (I live in Missouri)throughout the weekend. If you have any interest in these funky vehicles it’s a “Must Attend” event! See you there!!!

    Craig Brockhaus

  2. David Eilers

    Hi Robert,

    The FC Roundup is no longer being held. However, there are two other FC-events. The Southwest Ohio FC Gathering and Swap Meet is held at the end of July in Ohio and the FC-Jamboree is usually held around the second week of September in northern Iowa (I expect, but do not have confirmation, that it is being held this year).

    Southwest Ohio FC Gathering and Swap Meet:
    Here is info for the 2023 gathering:

    Here are a couple links for the FC-Jamboree:
    Info for last year’s (2022) event:
    Some photos from 2020:

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