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10,000 Posts …..


A few nights ago I reached the 10,000 post mark (each story or ad equals a ‘post’). I’ve been looking forward to that milestone for the last few months.  It averages out to about 3,333 posts per year since the launch of eWillys, though actually most have been done in the last 2 years.   If you figure an average of 15 minutes a post, then that’s about 2,500 hours of work (or 10 posts per day or just a little less than 104 days of straight work), though that doesn’t include the email correspondence or old posts that I update.  I think I’ll take Saturday off!


9 Comments on “10,000 Posts …..

  1. Mark

    I’ve only been a jeep guy for a short while but this site has been a wealth of information for me. I concider it the internets database for all things Willys. Thank you!

  2. Dave Wrye

    Great job Dave,you have worked very hard at this site that I and many others read daily. Thank You!!!!!

  3. Wes Kibble

    Hey Dave,
    Great to hear about you reaching your milestone! I know how much work goes into these websites. Thank you for all your hard work and awesome articles over the last few years!

  4. Cas Schrunk

    Amazing site!! I thought I died and went to Heaven when I stumbled on to EWILLYS. I am a new jeep owner (48 CJ2A) and have worked for 9 months restoring it. Wish I would have found this a year ago! Thanks a million for an all-jeep one-stop-shopping center Dave. Your hard work is appreciated by thousands of people just like me.

  5. Peter - Calgary

    Dave (the ‘all things that revolves around Willys and Jeeps’ dude),
    I have stumbled across your website recently and I’ve gotta say, you run a really great site. I mean it, you provide a great place to see all that’s out there, and provide an excellent source for Willys education. Thank you for your hard work!

    ’47 CJ2A
    ’52 CJ3A
    (and always looking for a Burns dual carb intake manifold (for L134), Kaiser Supersonic head, Clifford headers, Solex carbs…a guy can wish!

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