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UPDATE: Jesse pointed out to me that the militarytrader article is actually a condensed version of a 9 page FC article that appeared in the October, 2001, issue number 87 of Military Vehicles Magazines (which is related to  He also notes that Fred Williams, who’s FC is pictured below, has long since moved to California and works as an editor for 4 WHEEL & OFFROAD Magazine.  So, it appears the editors did a quick editing of the original article and decided not to add any updated links.

However, I still believe that the editors are amiss not to include the FC Connection link in the resources and to point out that this is a condensed version of an original article.  I believe their readers would benefit from this information.

Click on the image below to read the recent article:


One comment on “Forward Control Article at

  1. Craig B.

    Who needs their web site listed on military anyway? The premier kudos goes to eWillys for seeing the forest through the trees! Thanks for all you do Dave.

    Craig Brockhaus

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