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Just cuz you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD …

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I think the pics say it all.  This is still a project

“Because I buy for a living, it is not too often that I let impulse get the better of me… I’m still not sure thats what happened here but I could not let this one pass me by… Having a soft spot for MGB’s (my first car) and loving all things lifted well maybe u see where I’m going here… Anyway, we are making NO REPRESENTATIONS that this Frankenstein-ish MGB Monster is in any way a Good Running, Reliable, Roadworthy, Safe, or Otherwise Nice Automobile. Instead, my intention is to make it sound and look so bad that not only will you not ask me too many questions, but, maybe if it doesn’t bring enough money, I can bring this one home and start tinkering with it!

This was stated to have been built in the 1970’s. I imagine it was quite the ‘cats meow’ cruising round town back then…  It is titled as a 1965 MGB. We know the body does not look like it is from a 1965 B… It has a custom built frame which employs the suspension and rears from a 1965 Jeep CJ5. The engine is a small block V8 but I’m not sure which one. The car was also stated to be in running condition when we purchased it. Lies!!! It Does Run off ether however and the engine sounds okay. Obviously has a fuel supply issue. I do not think they make the carb that is on here anymore so your probably better off slapping on a new intake and carb all together. I was told the 4X4 worked but I have not seen this thing move under its own power so again… No Guarantees Here! What else can I say… the body is rusted, top is ripped, tires are dry rotted a bit, interior is filthy, carpet is ratty, you name it and it probably needs attention. The seats are in decent shape however. I will throw in that one good note! I have tried to take pics that represented the true condition of this otherwise Very Cool MGB Project Car!”

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2 Comments on “Just cuz you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD …

  1. Paul

    I have my own feelings about this interesting combination but it appears some small, athletic animal summed it up nicely in a way we can easily understand. See the drivers side footwell picture.

  2. frank

    reminds me of a project i had all drawn up in1983……….a 2door vauxhallI(1970) on a cj7. cjvaux. never happened……..never will.

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