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Builds: Goose Fixes up His CJ-3B in only 4 Months

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Goose wrote me an email today, announcing he had finished the restoration of his CJ-3B.  Not only did he complete his budget-conscious restoration in only 4 months, but he also documented it in two different locations (see links below); not a trivial task!   He’s done a good amount of work in a short time and I think he’ll be happy with it for quite a while.  Well done Goose!

Goose writes, “Hey Dave. I finally got my jeep finished and wanted to share the story. I’ll include a couple pics with this email but feel free to pull any others down from the links below too. The first link is from thisoldjeep, which I discovered here and the second is from a site where I frequent due to my dirtbike passion.

Here are a couple before images:

Here’s a midway point photo:

And a couple completed photos:


7 Comments on “Builds: Goose Fixes up His CJ-3B in only 4 Months

  1. Mark

    Thanks Nate. You, the other guys at thisoldjeep, the CJ3B forum and Ewillys with all the pics for ideas were a big part of the success. I’m already starting to look for another jeep project!

  2. Bob OB

    I liked the shovel mounting on the spare tire. Looks like maybe a muffler clamp and a long U-bolt.Super nice job overall.

  3. Justin


    I have questions about how you modified the top to fit well. I am going to be putting the same top onto my CJ3a. Please email me so we can talk.


  4. Mark "Goose"

    Hey Justin, The top I got was from a 3b also and it bolted right up. No modifications were needed, just some minor restoration.


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