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1946 CJ-2A Chisholm, Mn eBay


The seller has listed this as a 1945. Someone tried to correct the seller within the question area, but it didn’t seem to change the mind of the seller.  The serial number of this is #72596, making this a late 1946 CJ-2A.  The seller claims the tool indents were filled in, but they should not even be there with that VIN#.  However, the drain holes do appear filled in, so is possible there were indents, but then the VIN is wrong.  Of course, there isn’t a column shifter and the data plate is incorrect for a 1945  There are other issues as well.  Note where the emergency brake is located.  Here’s a few shots of how a 1945 CJ-2A should look from the CJ-2A Page (Jim Coffed’s Jeep).

“But this is a nice 1945 Willys Overland. Has nice MB steering wheel. Some rust on underside appears to be untouched for the most part. It does have original drive train. Solid original exhaust. Has new parking brake and cable. This is an amatuer restored vehicle and is about 95% complete with slight modifications like gauge panel folds down for easy access to fusses and under dash. The heater and driver seat are not original. Engine has been rebuilt. Tank heater w/ thermostat. Front windshield is fully operational like new. Passenger side window is cracked but both pieces of glass are original. Turn signal lenses are glass not plastic. Has Brass screws in Transmission and master cylinder cover so they dont rust solid for easy removal when maintnence is needed. Back of jeep is loaded full of parts. Some of the parts included are carburetor, driveshafts, new u joints still in box. 6 volt headlights and bulbs. Master cylinder and kits wheel cylinders and kits. Spare fuel pump, regulator, and distributor. Also an assortment of spare original gauges, windshield latches and wing nuts…”

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2 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A Chisholm, Mn eBay

  1. Paul

    Some rust on the underside??? How about the entire bottom panel of the tool compartment under the passenger seat? The winch mounted to the wooden plank appears especially sturdy

  2. frank

    Looks to me like the winch is a hand operated one. Good luck yanking yourself out of a mud hole with that. Maybe it’s meant to hold up the towbar and that’s it!

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