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No Updates due to Technical Difficulties


Specifically, it seems one of my fingers is either broken or dislocated (two different diagnoses) while playing basketball today.  The worst part was that we had just barely started playing.  I had hoped the swelling would decrease enough to allow more efficient typing, but that did not happen.

However, there was some good news.  Not only did I make the shot, but it was the ring finger on my left hand that was damaged, a finger I have no further use for anyway.  That poor finger has been more damaged, on and off the court, than any of my other fingers  :-).


4 Comments on “No Updates due to Technical Difficulties

  1. frank

    …..and according to some of your earlier posts,”court” has several contexts. Hope your back typing real soon; take care!

  2. Luke Harry

    Ha ha ha, that’s funny! I know what you mean about the ring finger Brother! However, as painful as it was/is (and it always is, I don’t care what anyone tells you), when I see no ring on my finger, overall, I feel better. I lost my Jeep as a result of the divorce, and I miss it the most! Working on another one though, so things are looking up. Hope you heal up quick, I need a regular fix of Ewillys or I get edgy.

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