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Auctions Kings sells a Militarized CJ-2A for $16,000

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Pete spotted this upcoming suction on the Discovery Channel’s Auction Kings Show.  Turns out, the episode is on the web. It was also for sale here for $20k.

My question is, does the auctioneer have any fiduciary responsibility to be honest?  Because, to say “this is restored perfectly” is simply dishonest.  On the other hand, the seller didn’t know what they were buying, so they shoulder some blame for spending $16,000 (plus any other fees) on this one.  It does look great, just not as historical as implied.


3 Comments on “Auctions Kings sells a Militarized CJ-2A for $16,000

  1. Michael Myers

    the sad truth is that the buyer paid $2000 for a decent shape 46 2A, and $14000 for the Richard Petty signature on the dash, and the supposed paperwork claiming to have been correctly restored at the Richard Petty garage…….or was it Kyle’s signature and garage? either way……

  2. Jim Boswell

    Although I agree to a point, I think you guys are being a little rough. If that is a super clean, nut and bolt, frame off, ground up restoration, then the money isnt crazy, add the Petty garage, signature etc and its worth the money to some people. I think if it was a factory correct color, or actual military rather than military themed, then it wouldn’t be a big deal… Also, these people knew they were being filmed for TV, the winner gets interviewed, he paid big for his 30 seconds of fame huh?

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