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WWII Jeep Art from Cranston Fine Arts

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SAS artwork from Cranston Fine Arts in the UK. I’m unsure if any prints of the below works are still available.


5 Comments on “WWII Jeep Art from Cranston Fine Arts

  1. brett

    So after seeing many SAS pics and coming to the conclusion that the grills were chopped for some distinction, does anyone know what the story is behind it?

  2. David Eilers

    My understanding is that it was originally for better airflow in the desert, but that doesn’t explain the northern Europe chopping. I suspect it might have become a unique symbol for the SAS?

  3. David Eilers

    I guess the driver in the jeep in the background of the first pic is showing off or crashing? lol

  4. frank

    I read in one of my Jeep books that windshields, grille slats and various other body parts were removed to reduce the weight of the Jeep so that more ammo, fuel, rations etc. could be loaded for combat runs.

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