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Happy Valentine’s Day

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For all the couples out there, I will not take the blame for distracting your man (or woman) tonight.  So, Happy Valentine’s Day! (In other words, no updates tonight)


6 Comments on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Paul

    I hope I don’t spoil her but I’m taking the Goddess out to eat. She won’t even have to hang out the window and yell into the clowns face. No sir! We’ll be inside at a table, sitting on chairs bolted to the floor. Nothing’s too good for that woman and that’s a fact.

  2. Paul

    Just got home, got the Goddess some cheese fries and a big coke. There’s a north wind blowing and it’s supposed to drop below zero tonight, a woman who radiates a lot of heat is highly prized here in the Great White North.

  3. Maggie Mae

    No fancy dinners or expensive gifts were part of my Valentine’s Day. Just a quick bite to eat at Denny’s with my dad on the way home from looking at wagon.

    It seems this Valentine’s Day is a lot better than my last. I found one worth loving (of sound body and solid frame), who’s bound to make me just as agravated as any well-meaning boyfriend could hope to. We’re bringing her home over the weekend.

    Here’s to new love! (and all the empty pockets, skinned knuckles, and four-letter-words that go with it.)

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Congrats Maggie! Sounds like your ‘dating’ schedule will be booked for a while! Good luck 🙂

    Dexter: That’s cuz you don’t have to do the update! Btw, ordered my eWillys stickers and finished my ‘pounce’ paper for the lettering design tonight. All shall be revealed on a future update.

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